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Custodial Time / Visitation

Child custody and visitation matters are often the most contentious aspects of any family law matter and must be considered concurrently. Whether you are attempting to resolve this issue or preparing for court, you must consider custody of the children while simultaneously establishing a visitation schedule that serves the best interests of the children and meets the needs of both parents.

Your Case is Unique.

Each child, and each case, is different. The attorneys at Bill G. Hall, P.C. realize that some children have special needs, that sometimes parents have mental health or substance abuse issues, and that not every parent is fit to parent their child. With that in mind, we work with our clients to design a custody and visitation plan that will meet their needs and the needs of the child, now and in the future.

When designing a custodial time/visitation schedule, we take extra care in considering holidays, vacations, birthdays, and other special days throughout the year. We also believe it important to clearly set forth the days and times when each parent will have possession of the children so as to minimize any confusion.

Working Together.

Ideally, the parties can work together and agree to a visitation arrangement that both accommodates their respective schedules and furthers the child’s best interests. In the event parties cannot agree, the trial court has broad discretion in the setting of visitation rights. The court’s primary focus will center on the best interests and welfare of your child.


The attorneys at our firm are experienced and skilled at handling visitation issues and have a successful track record for both settling and litigating visitation matters while remaining focused on your family’s specific needs.