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In Alabama, the right of adoption is purely statutory. Adoption is a legal process for making a child a permanent member of a family other than the child’s birth family. This legal process falls under the jurisdiction of a court of law in the State where the adoption occurs.


In order to adopt a child in the state of Alabama, one must follow the statutory adoption procedures set out in the Alabama Adoption Code, Alabama Code Section 26-10A-1, et. seq. (1975).

The Adoption Code provides that any adult person or husband and wife jointly who are adults may petition the court to adopt a minor. The law further provides that any adult may petition the court to adopt another adult under certain circumstances.


Due to the personal and unique nature of adoption, any number of factors can come into play to affect the outcome of an adoption. We invite you to speak with an attorney at Bill G. Hall, P.C. to help navigate you through this emotional experience.