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Complex Financial Matters

Complex Marital Property Distribution.

Complex divorce dealings most often arise when representing individuals who own a professional practice, a closely held family business, and when valuing large marital estates that contain significant real estate holdings, high valued collections, vast financial holdings, or international investments. These intricate financial issues often surface in a variety of situations, especially in resolving the determination of ones’ income for support purposes, the valuation of a marital or non-marital estate, the dissipation of marital assets, the valuation of a business interest or real estate holding, and the potential tax implications of the parties. Divorce of this nature must be handled carefully and knowledgeably.

If you are facing a complex divorce in North Alabama, Bill G. Hall, P.C. is prepared to protect your rights and your financial future.

Dividing Assets.

In Alabama, property acquired during the marriage is considered community property, and should be divided between spouses “equitably.” Determining what is “equitable” becomes more complex with each element for consideration beyond joint homeownership, property distribution and issues relating to the children of the marriage. When complex issues arise, it is critical that the issues at hand are properly evaluated so as to ensure an equitable division of all property and assets. Much of the valuation and investigative process in a complex divorce is undertaken by forensic accountants and business valuation experts.

The attorneys at Bill G. Hall, P.C. work with experts in forensic accounting, business valuation and other fields to ensure that your case is handled properly and that all complicated, or layered, issues are properly assessed.

Understanding the Process.

At Bill G. Hall, P.C., our attorneys are experienced recognizing the factual and legal issues presented and in guiding clients through the intricacies of complex financial matters as they pertain to family law, no matter how difficult the situation may appear.