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Legal Separation

You Have Options.

Legal separation is similar to divorce, with the biggest difference being that the parties remain married. A legal separation is a legal action (or agreement) filed by a married person who wants to stay married, but also wants to resolve other issues. Thus, couples who desire a legal separation must resolve with many of the same issues experienced during divorce.

A married couple intent on remaining married, but living separate and apart, will enter into a separation agreement to define their legal obligations and responsibilities to each other and their children. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, one party can file a lawsuit seeking a legal separation. The grounds and procedures for obtaining a legal separation in Alabama are codified in Section 30-2-40(a) of the Code of Alabama.

A legal separation separates the property and debts of the parties so you will no longer be legally responsible for your spouse. On the other hand, a legal separation will not terminate any life or health insurance.

Why Legal Separation?

In Alabama, a couple may choose to legally separate instead of divorce for reasons such as religion, medical insurance or the complications associated with asset and property division. The key to legal separation is the fact that spouses remain married, while most of their marital connections are severed.

A legal separation can later be converted into a Final Decree of Divorce or it can be terminated.

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